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Take your business to another level with this innovate Cabinet Dryer.
Increase your productivity with less time and comfort for the animals, save labour, power and time.
Very quiet ideal for old dogs and even the cats will take a nap.
The huge recirculation of warm air within the drying compartment – over 2,500m³ per hour – makes the Kyklon Cabinet Dryer the most efficient dryer and energy saver in pet drying. Besides the guaranteed safety, dogs feel very comfortable while drying.


Once again Clippertec comes out ahead and surprises the Pet market.

Designed exclusively for drying animals, the Comfort Dry drying system is an innovation that only Kyklon dryers have. Composed of a turbine with a cover and rotor specially designed for use in Pet Shops; this system offers less power consumption, very low noise and greater ventilation. Aware of the high demands of the national and international markets, Clippertec, in line with the latest technology, developed the animal dryers with a high-density impact linear polymer cabinet with UV protection. Nowadays the diverse types of polymers are recognised as being of indisputable quality, being widely used in many important industries such as aerospace, nautical and automobile. The enclosure has lines and curves that reduce internal/external noise. Optimises energy consumption with less heat loss. The corrugated floor quickly drains the urine with reduced evaporation, reducing the odour in the environment.
Electrical resistance embedded in stainless steel tube and insulated;
Drying system: Comfort Dry: higher ventilation, lower energy consumption, and low noise;

Voltage: 220 V, 50/60HZ
Air volume: Over 2,500 m³
Power:1/2 Hp Motor, Heating element: 1,900 watts
Temperature: 20 °C to 35 °C
Digital temperature/timer control
Removable centre divider
Removable PVC coated floor grill
Dimensions (L x W x H):
1575mm x 680mm x 1035mm

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 155 x 72 x 106 cm


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