Dream Shower

$102.00 inc gst

Reduce bath costs!

The dream shower Kyklon bath is a blow-on kit, whose function is to dynamically apply the desired product, which can be shampoo, conditioner, rinse aid and others.

Easy to operate, this accessory promotes a reduction in the consumption of water, and bath products by up to 70%. Consequently, this leads to a reduction in grooming costs.
Pre-wash and soap dispensing are not required. In the case of shampoo, you apply the product to dry hair without the need to wet or pre-wash.

It triples the productivity of the professional because in the majority of cases, it easily removes dirt without the need for rubbing or massaging, even in the most difficult parts.
The Dream Shower quickens the process of de-matting from the moment pets are in the bath, speeding up the opening of the hair during the drying.




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